Graduated in 1988 from Queen Mary College, University of London with a Bachelor of Laws, Honours (Second Class, Upper Division) and was called to the Bar (Gray’s Inn) in 1989. In 1990 obtained a Master of Laws (Commercial and Corporate Law) from University College London, University of London. Practised in the law firm of S Narayanan & Partners from August 1992 to December 2001. Joined M/s Brij Rai & RA Anthony as a partner in January 2002. Presently, a director of Just Law LLC.


Civil & Commercial Law

Drafting agreements of various kinds including share transfer agreements, employment contracts, distributorship agreements, partnership contracts and tenancy agreements.

Civil Litigation (including appeals) on a whole range of both contractual and as well as tortuous matters. For instance litigation involving breach of contract, misrepresentation, illegality, breach of implied terms of merchantability, fitness for purpose, insurance claims both for Plaintiffs and Defendants, c.i.f. and f.o.b. contracts, exclusion clauses, legislation dealing with unfair terms, executing judgments by commencing bankruptcy, winding up, garnishee proceedings and so on.

Litigation involving negligence (road traffic accidents), nuisance and bailee/bailor relationships. In the area of Company law, litigation for oppression of minority interests and for failure to comply with rules for convening company meetings.

Has also dealt with cases involving passing off and copyright and applied for injunctions in these cases. Has also advised in disputes involving landlord/tenants, employers/employees, societies and their members.

Has also acted for both buyers and sellers in the sale and purchase of properties.